Link Exchange – General terms

Link exchange : you put a banner of my website with link to my URL in your site, and I will do the same.
Both sites gains more visitors, everyone’s happy.

To proceed with link exchange, your web site must fulfill all these conditions :
• Your site must have relevant contents related to the topics in this website
• No adult material
• No material related to gambling, violence unethical marketing, hate speech, racism, religion-issues, terrorism or extremism
• No material with copyright violation
• No material that contain activities that are considered illegal in Australia and/or USA
• No material that contain topics that can harm my website’s reputation, in my judgement
• Written in English (or at least have some translation pages)
• Contains at least one index page and two article pages
• No unlimited pop-ups or other annoying advertising
• No viruses, trojans or other harmful risks to visitors

Link exchange is subject to my approval. Please contact me using this form with your website’s URL and explain your intention to do link exchange. Most of the time I will reply within 5 working days, or might be longer during busier times. Just be a bit patient.

My apology if I must specify some conditions for this exchange. Please understand that I must keep this web site “clean” by not referring visitors to some inappropriate site.

I may refuse your request of link exchange. I don’t have to explain about the reason of denial or acceptance.


Alternatively, you can also ask me to sponsor a post. Read HERE for more information.