Reader Types in Digital Era

httpIn this digital era, there are three kinds of reader:

1. People who read for the sake of reading. Source : various blogs, social media (FB, twitter, etc), random sites, chain emails. These people would believe anything they read from the internet. Will have no second thought to believe and re-distribute any “information” they think is interesting. And probably will forget the content of the information within few days after re-distribute. They actually believe that they have made the world a better place by doing few clicks of sharing hoaxes and chain messages.

2. People who read to find something to justify their own beliefs. These people already have things they believe and nothing will change that, even facts. They will dig any corner of the internet just to find news which they can use to strengthen their own belief, even that news is a hoax (false news). They will reject (or ignore) any news which are not useful to justify their needs and actions, even when those news are facts. They choose to believe some comforting lies rather than admitting “painful” truth.

3. People who read to actually learn. These people read to know more, to get the facts. They are aware that more than 70% of things they read from the internet is not true, therefore they spend more effort to validate the correctness of any information they read. When people from category 3 have a conversation with people from category 1 or 2, they will be labeled as smartass because they bring something uncomfortable for people in category 1 or 2. Because they dare not to question the general accepted opinion on something.

Sadly, this world is overwhelmed by category 1 and category 2.
Which one are you?


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