ISBN 978-0-6489636-0-8
Libraries Australia ID 68360453
399 pages
Published: December 2020

Discover the power of Lean Six Sigma and go from zero to pro with this complete guide.

Are you an executive, manager, entrepreneur or business professional, and you’re searching for the best way to master the Lean Six Sigma process? Are you looking for a comprehensive introduction to lean Six Sigma and how you can implement it into your business? Then this book is for you.

Lean Six Sigma offers your business incredible opportunities to improve productivity, cut unnecessary costs, streamline your processes, and take everything from a small business to a giant enterprise to a new level of efficiency. But how can you begin using lean six sigma if you’ve never heard of it before?

Inside this detailed guide, you’ll join Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Robert Setiadi as he reveals how you can master the powerful principles and frameworks behind Lean Six Sigma and use them to transform your business processes.

Written in a down-to-earth way that will help even a complete beginner wrap their head around statistical analysis, data-driven methodology, DMAIC and so much more, this comprehensive guide arms you with the fundamental knowledge you need to improve processes, increase consistency and customer satisfaction, minimise costs, maximise profits, and more.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:
• Foundations of Lean Six Sigma
• A breakdown of Lean principles, Six Sigma methodology and how they work together
• Understanding the countless benefits of incorporating Lean Six Sigma into your business
• A practical examination of process improvement and when to use it
• Tips and tricks for preparing for your Lean Six Sigma certification exam
• How to go from zero to exam-ready for your IASSC or ASQ certification
• and much more…

Far too many people are stuck having to buy expensive courses and multiple books to master these powerful business principles – but Making Sense of Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement provides you with a thorough, practical, and all-in-one look at these highly effective principles.

Ready to begin mastering Lean Six Sigma?

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