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Casual Review: Eve Motion 2

Eve Motion 2 is the latest Homekit-compatible motion sensor from Elgato, a well-known accessories maker dedicated to Apple ecosystem. I am a long time user of the first generation model and excited to try this new sensor. Compared to the first generation model, Eve Motion

By |2022-10-16T11:30:54+11:0015 Oct 2022|Review, Technology|0 Comments

Bose Bass Module 500

After a good experience with Bose TV Speaker, I decided that it is time to upgrade the sound quality in the living room. Bose Bass Module 500 is a medium-sized bass module that is compatible with my TV Speaker, making it an easy decision. Even

By |2022-10-09T11:46:19+11:0017 Jul 2022|Review, Technology|0 Comments
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