Thank you 2015, Hello 2016

New year marks the completion of Earth's revolution around the sun. From nature's perspective, it is just an ordinary day like every other day. However, human being likes the concept of milestones and special events, so we celebrate new year with fireworks, flashbacks and new

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My Graduation Day (doctorate)

Swinburne University of Technology, Graduation Ceremony, 21 December 2015 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Receiving my doctorate from Mr. Graham Goldsmith, Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology Moment of graduation Photo after graduation With

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Happy Pi Day 2015

Pi is an infinite non-repeating decimal. It means, every possible combination of number exists somewhere in Pi. We can actually do many things using these infinite combinations. We can convert them into letters using computer's ASCII table and all possible humans name would appear somewhere

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