new-year-2016New year marks the completion of Earth’s revolution around the sun. From nature’s perspective, it is just an ordinary day like every other day. However, human being likes the concept of milestones and special events, so we celebrate new year with fireworks, flashbacks and new resolutions. Outdoor midnight activity (to watch fireworks) and baby are not a good combination, so I opt to skip it and do the other two things.

2015 is an extraordinary year:

  • Blessed with a child.
  • Learned how to be a parent.
  • Spent as much time as I could with my newborn baby.
  • Finally finished my PhD thesis after 4 years of study.
  • Passed PhD thesis examination.
  • Completed PhD thesis revision and submitted the final result.
  • Attended my PhD graduation ceremony, marking the end of my PhD journey.
  • Never missed a single day of minimum step goal using my health tracker.
  • Lost 5 kg.
  • Stayed healthy most of the time.
  • Met old friends and made new friends.
  • Updated myself with new skills for professional career.
  • Started a new job.

For all these, I am very thankful.

Welcoming 2016 with warm heart and big smile.

  • Will continue to make best effort to become a father, a husband and a human being.
  • Will do my best to maintain work-life balance.