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My name is Robert Setiadi, a family guy blessed with a loving wife and an adorable baby boy.
I am a technology enthusiast, information systems manager, project manager, PhD in software engineering, IT/IS consultant, Apple fan, writer and researcher.

Any place with my family.

Balanced Life
I prefer to work smart instead of work hard.
By achieving balanced life (work, family, personal, health, entertainment), we can become more productive in every aspect.

Communication. Good communication is the key to happy life and productive days. In professional context, I have unique skill to bridge common communication gaps between technical people and non-technical people including top management.
Strong Logic. In software engineering, this leads to my ability to create and work with complex systems and complicated algorithms. In general life and work, this leads to better problem solving based on common sense.
Trainer. I am good at sharing knowledge and explaining things in simplified ways to other people. Some of my past experiences had proven my ability to train different types of people for various purposes.

Limited Multitasking. I used to have weakness in dealing with multiple tasks at the same time, especially when the process to decide their priorities involve multiple external sources with different constraints. I am working on this weakness and have done better than many years ago. As long as the priorities can be decided, I am already comfortable in dealing with few major tasks simultaneously.

Writing: regular writing for this blog, plus I have written and published two books.
Reading: any book that I like.
Gadgets: I am excited about the latest technology.
Food: anything yummy, particularly Japanese food.
Music: pop, country.
Movies: science fiction, aliens, action, thriller, detective, anime and children stories.

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