Eve Energy is a smart device for home automation compatible with Apple HomeKit platform. As seen in the photo, this is a smart electricity plug that can be switched on and off from anywhere with Internet location. As a HomeKit-compatible device, we can create custom rules that will turn this switch on or off depending on time, the presence of certain phones and other triggers from other HomeKit devices.

Setting up Eve Energy is easy and straightforward. We can add the device into our HomeKit by scanning the code available on the device itself. We can scan the code from HomeKit app in our iPhone, or from Eve for HomeKit app available for free from the AppStore. Personally I prefer Eve app compared to Apple’s native HomeKit app. First, I get more information on Eve devices from Eve for HomeKit app, and this app allows me to control all HomeKit-compatible devices, not just Eve products.

There are 2 kinds of connection for HomeKit devices: Bluetooth and WiFi. Eve Energy uses Bluetooth connection. It means, this device relies on the presence of either nearby iPhone, or HomeKit Hub. By default, Apple TV and HomePod will act as HomeKit hub when connected to home WiFi. Optionally, we can set our iPad to act as HomeKit Hub from the Settings. Obviously, to serve as HomeKit Hub, such iPad needs to be left at home, on a location within Bluetooth range of the accessories. Arguably, this is probably HomeKit’s biggest limitation. The other connection type is WiFi. HomeKit-compatible devices with WiFi connection are able to connect directly to the Internet through our home network.

Other than simply switching power on/off, Eve Energy is also capable of monitoring total electricity consumption through its plug. It tracks how many kWh we have used, along with projected electricity cost. I found hidden feature to display electricity current and voltage. These are not active by default and has to be activated through Eve app.

Happy with this device so far. It works as expected and I never had any encounter of connectivity problem even though my Apple TV is located quite far from the Eve Energy.