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  • gear4-homecharger-dual

Casual Review: Gear4 HomeCharger Dual

As the name suggests, Gear4 HomeCharger Dual is a wall charger with 2 USB ports. Honestly, I did not need any more wall charger when I bought this. I had enough at home. However, seeing a branded dual ports USB charger that promises separate outputs

By |28 Jul 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments
  • sense-sleep-tracker-5

Sense sleep tracker: my impressions after 7 weeks

Sense is a smart device to help us to have sleep better. It is a set of two items. The first component is a ball-shaped sensor that tracks our bedroom’s noise level, ambient light, temperature, humidity and particulate sensors. It also have a built-in speaker

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  • baby-solid-food

Introducing solid food to babies

In the first few months, babies only need milk and parents do not need to worry about the next challenge in parenting: solid food. Introducing solid food is not a hard task, yet it requires a lot of knowledge in order to make informed decisions.

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  • memobottle-sizes

Quick Review: Memobottle

Memobottle is a reusable bottle for drinking water with a unique shape. Many ordinary bottles would not fit small carry bags because they are too thick. Memobottle has thin design, or rather, designed to take the shape of a pile of paper. It is available

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  • microsoft-office-2016-mac

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is now available

After about 4 months of preview, Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is finally available for download today. At the moment, it is only available for Office 365 subscribers, but it might change in the near future if Microsoft decide to sell it as non-subscription software.

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  • music-app-ios-8-4-playlist

iOS 8.4 Music app: replacing Connect tab with Playlist

iOS 8.4 presents a completely redesigned Music app. Some elements of the new interface are better than the old ones, some are worse. After activating Apple Music in iPhone, 5 tabs will appear at the bottom of Music app: For You, New, Radio, Connect and

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