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House moving tips: things I wish I knew earlier

Last month my family and I did our first ever house moving with the help of professional mover company. It was a really tough work and many things did not go quite as we expected. Starting from the lack of preparation to the underestimation on

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Casual Review: Displio WiFi display

Displio is a display using e-ink technology and WiFi connection promised to display various always-on information on our desk or other locations. It started as a Kickstarter project back in Feb 2015. According to its project page, Displio is capable to display customisable widgets (weather,

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How to quickly go to Mac lock screen

Sometimes we need to quickly leave our Mac (desktop or laptop) computer, but don't want other people nearby to get access to your account or data. This is a very common situation at work, or with shared computer at home. There's a quick way to

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My take on the shooting of Harambe the gorilla

A 4-year old boy fell into gorilla enclosure in Cincinnati Zoo. One of the gorilla dragged the boy around and showed clear potential to endanger the boy's safety. The zoo made a tough choice to shoot the animal. Then the world reacted very strongly. If

By | 1 Jun 2016|Opinion, Parenting, World Related|2 Comments

Finding the right USB flash drive for keychain

Once upon a time I have a Verbatim Store n Go Micro USB flash drive that I always carry with my keychain. It has saved me multiple times when I had to copy some files and I don't bring my main USB drive. Sure this

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Quick Review: Anker PowerPort 5 charging station

Continuing my little quest to simplify the charging places at my home and office, I got myself another multi-ports charging station. This time, my choice goes to Anker PowerPort 5. It is a charging station with 5 USB ports, capable to deliver 40 W power

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