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  • osx-el-capitan

Quick Review: OS X 10.11 El Capitan

The latest version of Mac OS X was available for public download few days ago. This year’s name, El Capitan, is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park. With exactly the same minimum hardware requirements and $0 (free) upgrade cost, choosing to upgrade is

By |3 Oct 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments
  • iphone-medical-id-cover

Setting up emergency Medical ID in iPhone

If you have an iPhone with iOS 8 or newer, you might want to consider creating emergency Medical ID. The purpose of emergency Medical ID is to allow health professional to quickly access it if one day they need to save your life.

To create a

By |30 Sep 2015|Guide, Technology|0 Comments
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How to turn off automatic video play in Facebook News Feed

Facebook thinks we all like to see auto-play videos in our news feed. So they make it the default setting that every video we currently see in our screen will get automatically played, even though (thankfully) with muted audio. Some people are happy to see

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  • pebble-time-steel-1

Review: Pebble Time Steel

I received my Pebble Time Steel last month (20 Aug) and wrote a first impression post on the same day. After using it for more than 5 weeks, I decide it’s time to finally write a more complete review on this smart watch. This review

By |27 Sep 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments
  • ios9-logo

My personal experience with iOS 9

iOS 9 is available for public download last week. I downloaded iOS 9.0 for my iPhone 6 and received iPad mini 4 pre-installed with iOS 9. Earlier today, Apple has released iOS 9.0.1 as a bug-fix update, and I quickly upgraded both my devices. This

By |24 Sep 2015|Review, Technology|2 Comments
  • ipad-mini-4

Review: iPad mini 4

After the disappointing iPad mini 3 last year, Apple finally releases a decent upgrade of its 7.9″ inches tablet: iPad mini 4. The latest generation of iPad mini is lighter, thinner, but slightly taller than the previous models. This significant change in the form factor

By |17 Sep 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments