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  • xiaomi-power-bank-10400-mah

Quick Review: Xiaomi Power Bank 10,400 mAh

Power Bank is a very common product nowadays. With so many electronic devices from phones, tablets, smartwatch and other wearables, it is only natural that at some point people will need to charge their devices on the go when they do not have access to

By |30 Aug 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments
  • sandisk-ultra-extreme-microsd-32

Speed comparison: Sandisk Ultra vs. Sandisk Extreme microSD cards

This experiment compares the speed of Sandisk Ultra microSD 32 GB vs. Sandisk Extreme microSD 32GB. Sandisk Ultra promises “up to 48 MB/s” speed and Sandisk Extreme promises “up to 60 MB/s”. Both cards are rated as Class 10 and UHS-I enabled. Sandisk Extreme is

By |28 Aug 2015|Review, Technology|0 Comments
  • permutation-color-illustration

Generating all possible permutations of N items

One of the simplest methods to generate all possible permutations of N items is Heap’s algorithm. This algorithm was proposed by B. R. Heap in 1963, and remains popular until today due to its simplicity. I came across the need to generate permutations for a

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  • pebble-time-steel-3

First impression: Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Time Steel is a color e-paper smartwatch with up to 10 days of battery life, capable to connect to iOS and Android devices. It can run apps, custom watch face and quickly display new timeline interface that highlights what’s important in our day. With

By |20 Aug 2015|Review, Technology|1 Comment
  • samsung-evo-microsd-16-32-64

Speed comparison: Samsung Evo microSD cards

Not all memory cards are created equal, even those with the same brand. I had Samsung Evo microSD 16 and 64GB for a while and was curious whether these cards from the same brand and type (but different capacity) deliver the same performance or not.

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  • buhel-soundglasses-sg05-0

Review: Buhel SOUNDglasses SG05

Buhel SOUNDglasses is a sunglasses with an extra feature: Bluetooth headphones with bone conduction technology. No need for wires, we can simply wear these glasses and start listening to music, or receiving phone calls from our smartphones. Thanks to its bone conduction technology, we do

By |11 Aug 2015|Review, Technology|2 Comments