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How I speed up iTunes data restore from 52 hours to 10 minutes

The first thing to do after getting a new iPhone (or any new smartphone, really) is to transfer our personal data from our existing phone to the new one. The process of restoring data might not always be enjoyable when our old phone has so

By | 17 Sep 2016|Guide, Technology|0 Comments

Casual Review: iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is here. It is not the most exciting new model ever. In fact, it looks almost identical to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. So similar form factor in 3 years from Apple. Under the hood, the update is somewhat more respectable. A10 processor

By | 16 Sep 2016|Review, Technology|2 Comments

What’s new in iOS 10

Revamped Messages Now Messages can send handwriting, can send custom emojis, GIFs, and a lot of other things third party apps can do. We can send invisible message, stickers and many more. Basically, Messages becomes a lot more hipster. While this might sound great for

By | 14 Sep 2016|Opinion, Review, Technology|1 Comment

First Impression: Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones

Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones is Bose's latest offering for everyday listening claimed to be the smallest headphones ever from the brand. I first got interested in these headphones after reading some really good reviews about them. Indeed they look sleek. If such design is

By | 9 Sep 2016|Review, Technology|0 Comments

My candid responses on new products from Apple Event September 2016

Yesterday, Apple had its annual iPhone announcement event at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. With more product leak than ever, it's fair to expect less surprise from an announcement event. You can find countless articles about the announcement, so I am not going to

By | 8 Sep 2016|Opinion, Technology|0 Comments

Difference between Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto in Sony camera

Many Sony digital cameras have two choices of auto: Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto. However, Sony's own user guide doesn't say much about the differences between the two auto modes. Some users (myself included) are left to figure out how each of these mode actually

By | 25 Aug 2016|Technology|0 Comments