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  • upfront-panino

Introducing Upfront design platform for WordPress

As a content management system that powers 25% of the web, WordPress is arguably one of the easiest platforms to build a site, with tons of plugins allowing users to basically do almost anything from the most basic tasks to the incredibly complex ones. To

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  • jelly-charging-station-thecoopidea

Casual Review: The Coop Idea Jelly 5.1A charging station

Dealing with multiple charging cables is not fun. I need at least 4 different types of charging cable for my everyday use at work: lightning cable for iPhone, micro-USB cable for Sony MDR-1RBT and Logitech M950T, Pebble Time charging cable and Fitbit One charging cable.

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  • logitech-m950t-performance-mouse-1

Customising mouse buttons in Logitech M950T without an app

Logitech M950T Performance MX is a wireless mouse that I use at work. It's a pretty comfortable mouse with few extra buttons that has proven themselves to enable faster work, at least for me. Having said these, I never really liked installing additional software to

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  • new-year-2016

Thank you 2015, Hello 2016

New year marks the completion of Earth's revolution around the sun. From nature's perspective, it is just an ordinary day like every other day. However, human being likes the concept of milestones and special events, so we celebrate new year with fireworks, flashbacks and new

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  • emoji-osx

How to use emoji in Mac OS X

Until last week, I have the habit to type my Facebook status in my phone whenever I want to type something with emoji. Apparently it was unnecessary. We can easily add emoji to our typing in Mac without having to install any third party app.

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  • pebble-time-round-4

Review: Pebble Time Round

Quick introduction: Pebble Time Round is a color e-paper smartwatch promised to have up to 2 days of battery life, capable to connect to iOS and Android devices. It can run apps, custom watch face and quickly display new timeline interface that highlights what’s important

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