Finding good screen protection for curved screen is always trickier than protecting flat surface. For starter, most screen protectors available in the market would only protect the flat side of the screen, leaving the curved area unprotected. I protected my Apple Watch with Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass last year. It is a very decent screen protector, thin and clear, but it only protects the flat surface of my Apple Watch screen. While I was happy with its feel and clarity, it makes my watch look a bit silly with the square extra layer quite visible in the middle. I survived this for quite some time because there was no good curved protection back when I first need it.

I was looking for a new iPhone case in a local store when I found out that Belkin now offers curved protection for Apple Watch. I bought it without second thought and left it on my desk for a few weeks before I finally got time (and attention) to attach it.

As expected from Belkin, the package comes with some tools to help us installing the screen protector at the right position. Inside the box, we get cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker and the EZ-align tray. This align tray is my reason to stick with Belkin for my screen protectors product in the last year or so. The tray allows us to put our device in a firm molding with the screen protector already aligned at precise position. Simply make sure that the screen is clean and free of dust, put our device to the EZ-align tray and remove the plastic layer of the screen protector.

In my case, I attached my new screen protector at perfect position in less than 5 minutes. The only imperfection is that one speck of dust is managed to find its way, but it’s really not Belkin’s fault. I spent far more time trying to remove my old glass screen protector without damaging the screen, which took me around 20 minutes figuring out what tool I should use.

Once applied, Belkin ScreenForce UltraCurve protects my entire front screen of Apple Watch 3, including the curved part. I can still interact with the touch screen without any problem most of the time. I had occasional moments when I need to press something the second time when I need to touch a position near right edge of the screen. Can be annoying sometimes, but I can still live with that. This screen protector made my watch screen appear slightly dimmer, easily solvable by adjusting the brightness of my watch one stop higher.

I like this screen protector. Not perfect, but I believe this is one of the best available in the market for now.