After a good experience with Bose TV Speaker, I decided that it is time to upgrade the sound quality in the living room. Bose Bass Module 500 is a medium-sized bass module that is compatible with my TV Speaker, making it an easy decision. Even though I had to accept that this “accessory” to my speaker costs more than the main speaker itself.

There is nothing special with the way it looks. Bose Bass Module 500 has classic design, black, almost a cube (25 cm) with a gap near the base. I like the design, but simply could not find impressive description of it.

Bose Bass Module 500 connects to my TV Speaker using a standard 3.5mm cable. Bose is trying to convince us to buy its Bose-branded cable named Bose Bass Module Connection Cable, but really there is nothing special about the cable, any good-quality 3.5mm audio cable with stereo jack would do. Wireless connection is available for higher end Bose speakers. Unfortunately my base-model TV speaker could only do wired connection.

Once connected, we could immediately enjoy good quality sound from it. A clear step up from stand-alone sound bar. The kind of bass signature I expect from Bose. Would definitely recommend!