In case you have not heard, Bose SoundSport Wireless now has built-in Tile tracking. To enable this new feature, we need to upgrade Bose SoundSport Wireless to the latest firmware version. I updated mine to version 2.7.7 and successfully linked my wireless earphones to the Tile app in my phone. With this new feature, we can track our Bose SoundSport Wireless if we ever lost or misplaced it. Location tracking will work exactly the same as Tile tracker, it will connect to our phone via Bluetooth, or to the nearest phone with Tile app when our phone is too far.

I am a big fan of Bose and a long-time user of Tile. That’s why I was excited when I read the email from Bose about this new feature. Some other brands offer their own version of device tracking feature, resulting that we need to have yet another app to track our location all the times. I think Bose takes the better approach by collaboration with Tile.

After setting up my Bose earphones with Tile app, I can use my phone to find my SoundSport Wireless. It will start making soft beeping sound, then gradually will become louder. The final sound is definitely loud enough to the point I got a bit worried will it damage my favourite wireless earphones. Since this is a feature for emergency and not meant to be everyday use, I guess I can live with that. So far I don’t notice any significant decrease in battery usage, so I guess the Tile implementation is somewhat energy-efficient.

Very happy with this extra feature. Will continue to recommend Bose as my favourite audio brand.