The first review in 2021 is a headset that I use every day for work. I was in the market for a good headset because I need something comfortable that I can keep around in work hours, but not necessary staying on my ears. The neckband form factor is an ideal solution to that. This headset stays on my neck from 9 to 5, but I only need to put the earbuds when I am in a call.

Another feature that drove the decision of getting this headset was active noise cancellation. When a number of people are talking to their own screens in a shared area, active noise cancellation is very useful to improve our call experience. Evolve 75e’s noise cancellation is nowhere near the level of top of the line ANC products from Bose or Sony, but it is much better than having none.

Jabra Evolve 75e has control buttons on both sides of its neckband. On the right side there are 3 buttons: volume up, volume down and multi-function button. The volume up and down could function as prev and next track with long press when playing music. Multi function button works to play/pause music, accept or end calls and turn on/off the power by long press. On the left side there are 2 buttons: ANC control and mute button. ANC control button is used to choose between ANC-mode, hear-though or listen-in. The mute button is used to turn mute on or off. When not in call, this button can be used to trigger voice assistant from compatible devices.

Both earbuds have magnetic surface. Connecting both sides would automatically end call. When playing song, attaching both sides will pause the song and detaching them will resume the song. Mic unit is located on the right earbud’s cable. It has led indicator that will turn red when in call, but to be honest the light is so small it could not really serve well to signal other people unless when they pay close attention.

The build-in rechargeable battery is good enough to survive typical work day. I have never run out of battery because I always charge it after work.

Mic quality is good, better than my old-but-trusty Jabra Evolve 65 wireless, at least that is what my colleagues told me. They said they could hear my voice a lot clearer after I started using this headset. Sound quality to play music is rather average. But most people would not except superb music quality at work anyway.

Comfort level is not the best (it is far below my experience with Bose in-ear headphones), but it is quite bearable for meetings up to 2 hours consecutive session. When it is longer than 2 hours back to back, I often needed a short break.

This headset is nothing spectacular, but it does the job it promises. It does not worth its retail price (AUD 501), but since I got this with a really good deal, I can’t really complain. Will keep using this for the foreseeable future.