Personally, I never felt that I have problem with organising my keys. Apparently a lot of people do. So much to the point that there are many products in the market trying to solve such “problem”. Orbitkey is one of the popular products for organising our keys, perhaps one of the first ones. I had purchased some of Orbitkey accessories in the past, mainly because their convenient form factor. But I never got interested to buy the main product (key organiser) because the cheapest model costs USD 32.90, that’s almost $50 in AUD.

Last week I saw Orbitkey Active (cheapest model) discounted to AUD 7 (that’s USD 4.75) only for the Sky Blue colour. That’s a price I’m willing to pay for an experiment, and here I am with an Orbitkey Active key organiser.

Essentially, this key organiser is a loop made from polymer TPU linked to two pieces of metal to hold our keys and any Orbitkey accessories. Apparently, the unit I have is their first generation product, made from aluminium instead of stainless steel in second generation. Plus the D-Ring is still in old shape. Still not bad for the price though.

I tried putting Orbitkey accessories that I have into this key organiser. They are the compact nail file & mirror, travel kit (smartphone SIM tray ejector) and USB drive. They look good in my new key organiser, and supposedly took the thickness of 4-5 keys. A standard Orbitkey is designed to hold 2-7 keys, so I can still fit in 2 more keys into this organiser.

This organiser makes my whole key set thicker, which is not ideal for people like me with the habit of carrying keys in back pocket. Having something too thick in back pocket will make sitting less comfortable, and in the long run might come with various health issues. So I had to remember to carry my new key organiser in my bag or in my front pocket. So far, I have failed miserably.

The product itself is not at fault. It’s just the fact that my existing habit does not fit its primary use case, making it not ideal for my use.

Maybe I will give this another week before deciding if I want to go back to my traditional key ring.