Happy New Year 2020. Entering this new year, I decided to do something I have been postponing for more than a year: upgrading my WordPress to version 5. When WordPress 5.0 was released on 6 Dec 2018 with the new Guntenberg editing experience, I took rather cautious stand on embracing the new content editor. First, early releases of such a major feature are usually buggy. Second, themes and plugins creators would need some time to adjust their work to a new version of WordPress with such significant changes.

So I waited, and finally decided to embrace the new block-based Gutenberg editor by upgrading my WordPress. Of course, after a year, it’s no longer version 5.0. I jumped straight to the latest 5.3.2. and my site seems quite stable. Spent few minutes to check some pages and nothing looks obviously broken, that’s a good first impression.

Took me several minutes just to figure out how to choose the size of my images and how to put simple placement on my post. Does not feel quite intuitive so far, or maybe I am just an old writer who got too comfortable with the old ways of doing this. Anyway, I finally figured things out and could complete this first post. If you see anything broken, please drop a comment to let me know. Thank you.