Eve Weather is a smart sensor compatible with Apple HomeKit, capable of detecting temperature, humidity and air pressure outdoor. To be honest I did not rally have the need to monitor the temperature outside my house. Most of the time the temperature from weather app is already close enough. However, a combination of very good sale price made me willing to consider this for indoor use.

According to its official specification, Eve Weather can detect temperature from -18° to 55° C. It is powered by 2x AA batteries and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to preserve battery power. There is no display on this sensor, we can only see the reading values from our phone or tablet.

Initial setup is easy, just like many other Eve devices that I already use. Eve for HomeKit app is available for download (free) from the AppStore and it is by far my most favourite app for HomeKit-compatible devices. To make it even better, the app will not only show Eve devices but all devices from other brands in our HomeKit setup. Of course some features or data might be exclusive to the brand’s own app, but just being able to see all HomeKit devices at one spot already make Eve app my go to app for anything HomeKit. I can’t even remember when was the last time I opened Apple’s own Home app.

Everyday usage is pretty much straightforward. Put the sensor somewhere safe and it will start collecting data. Good to remember that even though this sensor is touted as outdoor sensor, it is actually not waterproof. It does have IPX3 water resistance rating, which means that it will survive some little rain, but could get damaged if drown or submerged in water.

It is worth to note that this Elgato Eve Weather seems to be a discontinued model. Perhaps that’s why I managed to get this at such a sweet price. In Eve Home website, the new Eve Degree sensor is touted to be all-rounder sensor for both indoor and outdoor.

Not much to say about this product, really. It’s a simple product designed to do basic things, and it delivers. I like the simplistic look and the overall nice build. I ended up using this indoor and has no issue so far, other than the air pressure reading might become somewhat less useful.