My old digital clock on TV desk decided to stop working, so I had to find a replacement. While browsing for available digital clock, this idea of getting a digital clock that will automatically adjust time for daylight saving came to mind. So I started looking at some smart devices instead of traditional digital clock. Since my old clock display temperature as well as time, the new clock needs to have temperature or weather display as well.

The first several options that I got were devices with screen that can show time and weather. Those things fits my requirements, yet somehow I do not feel like adding yet another device with screen in the house. Then I found Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with its unique take for a smart device. This thing is a simple digital clock that can also show temperature and weather icon. It connects to WiFi and will automatically adjust time during daylight saving. Theoretically, it has Google Assistant feature for voice commands, but we can choose to turn it off without annoying bright LED light.

According to Lenovo official website, this device is powered by Amlogic A113X processor, has 4GB RAM and 512MB eMMC Flash. It connects to WiFi 11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band and Bluetooth 5.0. Its 3W speaker is not the best for music, but it gets the job done to respond to voice commands through Google Assistant.

There are 4 buttons on the top: volume up, volume down, play and alarm. At the back, we can find charging port, microphone mute toggle and USB charging port. The back surface is also a LED light that can function as night light (31 lumens) when used in dark bedroom.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a tiny device, only 6.4 x 12.1 x 8.3 cm and weighs 240 gr. It is very easy to imagine/expect bigger device from the product images you might find in online stores, so be sure that you are happy with such size before making a purchase. There is no Lenovo app to set up this device. Instead, all initial settings are done through Google Home app.

I wish this thing has slightly bigger display. Other than this one complaint, I am quite happy with this smart clock. It sits nicely in my living room with microphone turned off because I already have another Google Assistant device next to it.