Since the beginning of pandemic, working from home (WFH) has become a new normal for many people, myself included. I use a decent laptop with reasonable camera. On top of that, I have an old-but-trusty Logitech C615 webcam, which I normally use with my external monitor. After months of using this setup, I decided to upgrade my webcam with a better camera.

Logitech C930e is touted as “business webcam” by Logitech, capable of delivering 1080p video at 30fps. It is equipped with 3 MP camera with autofocus and built-in dual omni-directional mic. Rightlight™ 2 Technology promises clarity in low light and I find this to be true. In the exact same room and lightning, C930e produces brighter video with more natural colour. Only after I use C930e, I realised that my video from C615 looked a bit yellowish.

Before using C930e, I had a habit of detaching my webcam cable when I finish working. Now I do not need to do that anymore because C930e comes with privacy cover. Another convenient aspect is the fact that C930e comes with long cable (1.5m). I had to use USB extension cable for C615 due to my desk setup. I can plug my webcam directly to my laptop with the longer cable.

When I started using Logitech C930e, I was amazed by much better video, but was quickly annoyed by the fact that video call dropouts are very frequent. After doing some experiments, I found that call dropouts reduced significantly after I uninstalled all Logitech software to control this webcam. Pluggin this webcam and using default driver from Windows seems to bring more stable connection.

Often creating confusion, Logitech also has a different model called C930c, which has identical design. C930e has built-in microphone but no built-in lighting. C930c has built-in flash but no microphone.

Is Logitech C930e a good webcam? It depends on the criteria. If the criteria is video quality, I would give it a very confident yes. C930e produces great video quality without requiring ideal lighting condition around my work desk. However, I stopped using C930e after a few months of usage because of the call dropouts. Yes, using default driver from Windows reduces the dropout frequency. But even at reduced rate, it is still way too frequent. I got disconnected several times during important Teams meeting and could not properly deliver my work presentation because of technical issues.

For now, I am back using C615. I am keeping C930e for now, hoping that maybe one day there will be an improved software or driver to resolve the frequent dropouts. If you have better experience with C930e, please let me know your settings.