Designing a logo is not an easy task for most people. For many years I considered myself having a decent skill in using Adobe Photoshop, yet I never can do an actual design to create a logo from scratch. The best I can do was using royalty-free image, then modify it using Photoshop to end up with something that looks like a logo. Indeed Photoshop is a powerful tool capable to do almost anything we can imagine with digital image. However, using Photoshop to actually create something (not modifying) actually takes more than just technical skill: it requires a talent in art. And that is something not everyone can learn.

Logoist 2 is a design tool. As the name suggests, it is primarily designed to help us creating logos. As a bonus, it can also create greeting cards, business cards and photo presets.

I was skeptical at first. I have used Photoshop for many years, it is the world’s best image editing software, and yet I still can not use it to visualise some of the ideas I have in mind. How can other software could help me to do something that I can not achieve in Photoshop?

Apparently, that is exactly my problem. Photoshop is powerful. It allows us to do almost anything. But in doing so, just like only a good artist can draw something good on a blank canvas, Photoshop relies heavily on the art talent of its user. Logoist offers something different. We do not start from scratch. In the process to design logo, it offers us many presets. It has some logo presets available for us to just open and modify as needed.


More advanced users can start with actual blank canvas. However, the process to draw on the blank canvas is significantly easier as we can mainly use its collection of shapes, paths and cliparts. We can add objects to the canvas, arrange them as layers, set their visibilities, or even put multiple objects into one group. Each object can be modified by simple adjusting its properties or styles. Multiple styles can be applied into an object. Each style has the potential to have significant impact on the end result of that object. In other words, from one basic object created from shape or clipart, user can create virtually unlimited amount of possible designs.

When I use Logoist to actually create something, I could not believe how simple it feels, yet I managed to create something that looks sophisticated.

For people who need to create simple logos, or casually need to design greeting cards, business cards or photo presets, I highly recommend this app. It can be downloaded from Mac App Store. This app is not cheap. But in my personal experience, it is worth the money.