Microsoft Surface Arc mouse is a Bluetooth mouse with unique design. It can snap into flat form so it can slip easily into pocket or bag.

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider a mouse with this design. I’m very happy with my Logitech MX Anywhere 2S as my primary mouse at home. It was work situation that made me searching for a Bluetooth mouse with slimmest possible form so that I can easily carry it around in my pocket while moving from one meeting room to another throughout the day.

There is no physical scroll wheel in Surface Arc mouse. Instead, we get touch sensitive area where we can make hand gesture to trigger scrolling. A decision I can understand because having a scrolling wheel would definitely make this mouse thicker.

So far, this mouse works well. No issue with pairing and connecting. I tried different tables of different colours and materials and this mouse tracks our pointing as expected.

Snapping this mouse is easy. In fact, I quite enjoyed the first few minutes doing it over and over again out of curiosity.

I personally don’t like the fact that this mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries. A mouse in this price range, in 2018, should have at least built-in rechargeable battery. Lucky that the mouse automatically turns off whenever it’s in flat condition. That would help to save battery power.

Another imperfection is ergonomics. There’s nothing left and right sides of the mouse and it will start to cause some discomfort after we use the mouse for an extended period.

Overall, this is still a decent product. It fits my very specific use case, but I imagine that this model is clearly not for everyone.