Eufy Indoor Cam 2K is a HomeKit compatible camera with a quite reasonable price tag. There are 2 variants of Indoor Cam 2K: the base model (T8400CW4) and with an improved model with pan-and-tilt (T8410C24). Both cameras have 125 degrees field of view, 2K UHD resolution, night vision, two-ways audio and up to 8x digital zoom. However, the pan-and-tilt model can rotate 360-degree horizontally and has 93-degree vertical tilt range. This can be controlled from the app, allowing one single camera to cover much wider area. Even better, it comes with AI that allows the camera to automatically move to follow a detected object.

Initial setup of Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt is quite simple. We use Eufy Security app for the initial set up, then we can connect it to HomeKit later. It connects to WiFi. From the app, we can set motion detection to detect human, pet or all other motions. Sensitivity can be set between lowest to highest with 5 possible values. Motion tracking feature (for the camera to move following object detection) can be turned off if not desired. Sound detection can differentiate between crying and all other sound. This can be useful when using this camera in nursery room. Similar to motion detection, sensitivity can be set in 5 possible scales. Note that some of these available settings will be disabled when the camera is connected to HomeKit. Seems to be a restriction imposed by HomeKit.

Other settings include rotation speed (5 possible scales from slow to fast), auto night vision, streaming quality, recording quality, continuous recording, microphone (on/off), audio recording, speaker volume and status LED. We can opt to put watermark in the recorded video (can be timestamp or timestamp and logo). For notifications, we can choose to receive notification when the camera detects human, pet, other motion, crying or other sound.

If continuous recording is enabled, we can choose to record 24*7 video, or set a specific schedule (such as only record at night). A micro-SD card is required for local storage. Cloud storage is available. Basic plan costs US$2.99 per month for 1 device and would store videos for 30 days. Plus plan covers up to 10 devices, stores up to 30 days and costs US$9.99 per month. There is 30 day free trial.

I was not expecting much when ordering my first Eufy camera, thinking that I just need the cheapest available camera with HomeKit. Upon receiving the unit, I was pleasantly surprised by the decent build quality.

Video quality is quite good. Not the quality I would use to take video in family event, but more than sufficient for a security camera. Night vision is exceptionally good. It captures clear video in a pitch-black garage at night. The ability to rotate and tilt the camera can be quite handy, depending on the camera placement. However, the camera movement makes a quite noticeable motor sound, so this camera is not suitable for discreet monitoring.

Notification is my biggest disappointment with this camera. I receive multiple false positive notifications every day. It detects motion even when there is nothing in the room (no movement, no sound, nothing). I initially planned to use the motion sensor with a smart light in my garage so that the light will automatically turn on when we arrive home at night. During first few days test, not only it keeps sending notifications when nothing happened, it will trigger the notification when the light is turned off. My smart light never got turned off because as soon as it turns off, it triggers motion sensor and the automation will turn on the light again. Big failure on this part.

In the end, I stopped using the notification from this camera and went back to my Eve Motion. I use this as pure camera, with no intention to rely on its motion detection capability.

Overall, still a decent purchase for a reasonably good indoor camera, ignoring its promise of smart notification. I find the audible sound during movement makes this camera a bit creepy inside the house, so it becomes my reliable garage camera now.