Another quick review for a simple accessory that delivers what it promises. Kanex DualRole USB Hub is a USB Hub with 3 USB ports and 1 slot for RJ45 network cable. There is nothing special about this hub except for the fact that it is exactly what I need in the current work situation. No more and no less.

I needed a hub that will expand Surface Laptop’s one and only USB port into more than 1 ports, plus I need to be able to plug the network cables in my office to gain secured connection. Using network cable is never the most convenient thing in the world, but in some corporations, the need of security restrictions would always take precedence against convenience of going wireless.

This USB Hub from Kanex has built-in USB cable with a nice design that allow it to get tucked into the unit when not used. It does not need any external power. It delivers enough juice to run some USB drives and some wireless receivers of my keyboard and mouse. Simple product that works. No complain.