Portable scales are critically important to avoid paying the cost of overweight luggage. I started this habit of always carrying portable luggage scales in my cabin bag after forced to pay around $400 in the airport many years ago. Did not want to risk of missing my flight, I had no choice but to pay the cost of my own lack of preparation.

My old luggage scales were non-branded. It was a cheap item I purchased from eBay and it worked well for a few years, until I lost it somewhere in my home. So I decided to get a new one: Lojel OCS27.

According to its specifications, Lojel OCS27 Digital Luggage Scales have 50kg capacity and powered by standard CR-2032 battery. The display has green backlight function, something that was missing in my old scales, so this is a nice improvement. Other features are almost standard for portable scales: auto power-off, overload indicator, low-battery indicator and the selection of displaying the weight in kg or pounds.

I just got my Lojel OCS27 a few days ago and so far I am quite happy with it. The measurement is reasonably stable and the backlight makes it easy to read. Simple product that works as promised. Will use it for years ahead.