Still in the quest to find the most convenient battery with built-in lightning cable, I end up getting Plox Powerbox 3000 mAh. This battery feels solid and got me to instantly like it the moment I pulled it out from its box.

First, this battery has no button. I am still not entirely sure how it detects usage, but when I pull out the lightning cable and move the battery, the LED indicator turns on, indicating the remaining power left. Without button, I do not need to worry that accidentally pressing the button will stop the charging while this battery and my phone are both inside my pocket. This is the biggest issue I had with my earlier BlueEye BP5000.

Next, this battery charges fast, and never got to the point of uncomfortably hot. The size is small, it’s lightweight and feels good to be held together with my phone. There’s a full-sized USB port that I can use to plug any cable to charge anything else. Not super convenient but does offer some flexibility. Having MFi status is a nice added bonus.

I like this powerbank. It’s my main everyday battery now.