Now that my phone finally supports wireless charging, I decided it is time to get a wireless charger. I came across this nice-looking charger from Rock with very good price. Since I have used some Rock-branded charging cables before and had no issue with the quality, I thought it is worth a try.

Rock W13 is a wireless charger with compact design, promising 7.5W charging for compatible iPhone models and up to 10W charging for Android devices with built-in Qi. From the photo in its online store, the surface of this charger seems to be made of fabric material. On receiving the actual item, apparently there’s nothing fabric-like about this. The surface is made of rubbery-plastic material that will prevent our phone from easily sliding when placed on the charger.

This wireless charger is thin. It claims to be slimmer than iPhone X. That’s probably a valid claim. However, being so thin and unexpectedly lightweight, the build quality is far from something that would give me enough confidence that this thing will not damage my expensive investment on a flagship phone. It looks almost like a toy.

What happened next is probably very subjective of me. I tried charging my iPhone XS Max for a few seconds. It works. And that’s probably about it. I decided not to use it anymore, fearing that there’s not enough safety measures to protect my phone when charging. With such weight, one would wonder if it has anything other than simple coil inside. I decided to return the product and claim my refund.