Anker PowerPort I PD with 1PD and 4PIQ is another great wall charger from Anker. It has 4 full-sized USB ports, each with PowerIQ technology to intelligently detect our device and deliver up to 2.4A charging. It has 1 USB-C port with Power Delivery technology, capable to deliver up to 30W charging to our phones, tablets or even laptops. This wall charger comes with figure 8 AC cable (US plug). Users with different wall plug types need to supply their own cable to use this charger.

Often causing confusion, this PowerPort model is the 2017 version with rounded corner. A year prior (2016), Anker also released PowerPort product with 4 normal USB ports and 1 USB-C, but the design is slightly different with flat panel and less curves around. When I got this charger, PowerPort I PD with 1PD and 4PIQ was available in black or white. As per today, I checked Anker website and it seems they only make it in black now. Lucky me that I got the white version when it was available.

This PowerPort charger is 10 x 7.8 x 2.7 cm in size, bigger than most of my other multi-port chargers. The weight is 241 gr, also a tad heavier than my other chargers from Anker. The charger comes with adhesive strip that can be useful if we want to use it at fixed location and want it to stay there (for example, under work table). I put mine inside a cable organiser box.

So far, this charger works nicely with all my devices. It gets slightly warm when charging, but never to the point of worryingly hot. The blue LED on top of its port is a nice touch from design perspective. If anything, the worst part of this product is its name. Who in Anker thinks that having such a long name for a product is a good idea?

Another good product from a brand that earned my trust.