Apple polishing cloth is another magical product from Apple. It cleans Apple products almost to perfection, with extraordinary ways that cannot be achieved using any third party cloth. Just when we thought Apple could not possibly be more amazing with their innovation, they once again prove us wrong with this polishing cloth.

With electronics products, it is to be expected that Apple would produce top quality products with magic-like innovations. To achieve the same level of wow level in such a simple product without a single electronics component takes their genius to another level. Apple proves us that their technology expertise is also top-of-the-world for designing such material with amazing cleaning ability.

From the moment we take it out from its packaging, we can immediately see and touch true quality. Something that we immediately know and recognise as Apple-level. We do not get such impression from cheaper non-branded cleaning cloth. The difference is as clear as night and day. Apple’s polishing cloth is capable not only to clean to perfection, it brings back the shine of brand new devices with simple wipe. That is clear brilliance, for I do not know what better word to describe.

Okay, that was hard. I admit I almost vomited when I wrote the above, lol. I think I deserve some credits of surviving three whole paragraphs =)

In case you have not figured out, the first three paragraphs are clearly satire. I bought the Apple polishing cloth for the sole purpose of writing this satire article.

Now the real review, this polishing cloth is… well, a cloth. It has embossed Apple logo. It is actually two pieces of clothes joined together. Material is soft, and I am sure it will clean well. That is all about it really. We pay the premium price to see that Apple logo there. Something that we would not find in third party products. If you have more cash than what you can spend, feel free. Otherwise, you can get plenty of third party products that can clean just as good, at fraction of the price.