Small keyboard is not very comfortable to use. Full-sized keyboard is not very practical to carry everywhere. This constraint remains a problem for me since I first realised it years ago. Bought a number of Bluetooth keyboard and none of them seem to be an ideal solution.

I was excited last year when Microsoft introduced Universal Foldable Keyboard. On paper, it fits the criteria of my ideal portable keyboard. It’s small, it’s full-size, it’s lightweight, it’s rechargeable. It made me wondered, why hasn’t anybody thought about it before: folding a keyboard. Then I quickly realised the problem. Having a gap in the middle of a keyboard is awkward. It makes typing not enjoyable and mistakes become far more frequent.

Jorno tri-folding Bluetooth keyboard takes the idea of folding a portable keyboard to a new level. Using clever design, they are able to fold portable keyboard into 3 pieces. When it’s opened, it gives us good-sized keyboard (not really full-sized but very usable) with no gap. When folded, Jorno keyboard measures 146.5 x 89.6 x 16.9 mm. When unfolded, it becomes 251.7 x 89.6 x 6.6 mm.

This keyboard comes with a case that can act as stand for our device. One full charge of its battery is enough for 220 days standby mode 85 hours of uninterrupted work (continuous typing). Bluetooth 3.0 is not the latest Bluetooth version available, but we don’t really need any fancy new features from newer Bluetooth just for a keyboard. The weight 186 gr is really good for portability. However, carrying this keyboard with its case will add significant weight because the case weighs 127 gr.

The build quality is not bad. I wouldn’t call it top quality, but I have no complain so far. I’m glad I waited until they offer white version.

Using the case as a stand is reasonably straightforward. Putting the keyboard inside its case is not the most intuitive thing in the world. Took me a few seconds to understand how I am supposed to fold the case. But it’s not a dealbreaker.

Overall, this seems to be the most functional portable keyboard that I’ve found so far. Not perfect, but I would certainly use this for months to come.