Today’s review is a simple product from Sony. It’s a radio clock. It has digital display in orange color. We can listen to FM/AM radio. We can adjust the display brightness (3 brightness settings). According to Sony Australia website and its box, this unit has a feature called “gradual wake alarm”. However, I did not find any button or setting to activate this feature. Perhaps they consider the “buzzer” sound as gradual. Even though it does not sound as “gradual” for me.

I bought this clock because it looks good. The physical form is like a cube. On the front side we have nice looking digital clock display with alarm, am/pm and DST indicator. On the top side we have few controls: alarm mode switch (off, radio or buzzer), two buttons to adjust alarm time, radio button, sleep button, alarm reset button and snooze/brightness button. On the left side we have volume slider. On the right side we have radio frequency slider and AM/FM switch. On the back side we have enter button, plus and minus button and DST button to quickly adjust daylight saving time.


This clock is directly connected to power outlet, but it has backup battery (included) so we don’t have to redo the whole setting when the power is interrupted.

Having brightness control is nice, but I end up using the brightest setting anyway. The other 2 settings are too dim for my liking.

Well, not much to say actually. It’s a simple product and it works fine, as long as your primary reason of buying is not the “gradual wake alarm” feature. So I happily put it on my bedside table and rely on it every morning.