yosemite-incoming-phone-callThe combination of iPhone running iOS 8 with Mac running Yosemite is quite handy. Personally I love how I can easily open a link in my iPhone and send it directly to my large-screen Mac. I also love how I can easily transfer file between iPhone, iPad and Mac without the need of any cable. Some new Continuity and Handoff features have made my work a lot easier. However, there is one thing that quickly annoys me. When someone calls me in my iPhone, my Mac would ring too. This might be useful for some people, but definitely not me.

facetime-setting-yosemiteSo I’ve searched inside all the settings both in Mac and iPhone and could not find any way to turn off this specific feature. I don’t want to turn off the entire Continuity and Handoff features because many others are actually useful.

Then I finally figured out how to do that. The setting is not in the iPhone’s Settings app or Mac’s System Preferences app. Instead it’s hidden inside another app that I originally thought should be unrelated. Open FaceTime app in Mac, then go to its Preferences. You will see a checkbox called iPhone cellular calls. Simply tick that off. And that annoying phone calls in my desktop computer is gone.

Similarly, we can also stop our iPads from receiving iPhone’s phone calls from Settings app, then choose FaceTime menu and turn off the iPhone Cellular Calls switch there.

Well done, Apple, for hiding this setting so well.

Do let me know if this little tip helps you.