website-better-securityToday I upgraded the security of this website, installed Let’s Encrypt SSL and set up HTTPS for the entire site. Mainly this was done to to improve privacy, overall security and Google pagerank. Latest algorithm from Google gives clear advantages to sites using HTTPS, hence the change.

Along with the HTTPS implementation, I also completed a few tweaks to improve the speed and performance of this site. I enabled GZip compression for most content type, optimised my images, added few things in About page, set up browser caching expiry and reduced the amount of active plugins. After all the years, I realised I haven’t done proper clean-up for a while. Several plugins are left active even though I no longer use them in the site. Some other plugins are still being used, but I decided to deactivate them anyway and find some better ways to achieve what those plugins did. It was more work than what I initially anticipated because some plugins were installed to help me with the site layout for some content. With the plugins gone, I need to adjust a sizeable amount of pages and posts so they look the same, or better.

No total website redesign this year. Other than there was no time to do so, there is little benefit in fixing something that is not broken. This site focuses more in content rather than fancy look, and that’s how I plan to continue.

I realise I posted less new articles lately. Real life activities took up so much of my time I can barely keep up with everyday things, let alone writing articles. Hopefully I’ll find my new rhythm to keep up with everything soon so I will have more time for this website.