After few months of unstable server, I finally decided to try different hosting company to compare the speed and performance. I have completed the migration on 10 October 2014 and will continue to monitor the performance. I still have the option to go back to my old hosting company as I haven’t closed my account. The new hosting company offers 60 days money return if I’m not satisfied. Therefore I think this is a pretty safe experiment. So far I already found few minor issues caused by different server configurations, and have fixed them all. If you can still find any issues, please do let me know.

Apart from the new server, there are other changes I recently do:

1. I removed Guestbook from the main menu.

2. I have created a new page called Sponsor. This new page explains the terms and conditions to sponsor a post in this website, or to put banner advertisement.

3. Articles page is totally redesigned. Text-based links are replaced with colorful illustrations. New links are added to help with easier navigation to find more posts and other content.

4. I removed some contents. It will be re-published later in a new separate website (different URL domain).

5. Some plug-ins are removed, or replaced with better ones. I hope this will improve the speed of this website.