There are hundreds of wireless charger models available in the market. Finding one that we like might not be as straightforward as we might think. Even though wireless charging technology is widely known for quite some time and no longer qualifies as “cutting edge”, getting a poor quality charger can still damage our device in the long run. I had first hand experience with bad wall charger (exploding) and bad powerbank (overhead, damaging a phone). Right now, anything related to charging process is something I give more attention to.

After initial failed purchase with Rock W13 charger, this time I decide to try Mophie Charge Stream Pad+. I first know about this charger from Apple Store. I have good impression of Mophie brand after getting PowerStation Plus 6000 that I am quite satisfied with.

Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is impressively thin and well-built. There are 2 colour options: white and black. It includes the charger, micro-USB cable and wall charger in the box. Worth to note that the micro-USB cable is not the typical generic cable included in almost every modern rechargeable device, it is a quite-nice cable with special molding around the micro-USB port to become part of charging pad design.

I quickly realised that the size of this charging part perfectly matches Just mobile AluCup Grande that I bought 2 months ago. Putting the pad on top gives me wireless charger at a nice angle.

Charging my iPhone XS Max on Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is quite straightforward. Put the phone on, and if the position is right, the screen will turn on showing the battery indicator. There is a tiny LED indicator at the bottom of this charger that will turn on when the charging is on with a phone connected. Good designed indicator. Clear enough to see on a desk, yet discreet enough not to distract. The non-slip grip around the top surface and on the most part of bottom surface add nice touch to the well-thought design.

This charger promises to deliver 10W charging to selected compatible Android device, 7.5W to iPhone models with wireless charging feature and 5W to all other Qi-enabled phones. 7.5W charging is faster than the USB wall charger included in iPhone box because those chargers can only deliver 5W. I am happy that charging process does not seem to bring this charger to an overheat state. I did feel the charger gets a bit warm after an hour of charging or so, but never to the point of worryingly hot.

One thing I don’t particularly like from this charger is the fact that it seems to attract dust fairly quickly. Not really a deal-breaker and can be resolved by simple wipe, but still somewhat annoying. Maybe I should get the black model instead.

Overall, I am still quite satisfied with this charger. Will use this as my main wireless charger at home, maybe I will get more to use at work.