Backup battery is very important for modern lifestyle. I was in the market for new powerbank after I decided to retire my old Plox batteries. They are the most practical batteries I have used in everyday situation, but I came to a conclusion that lately the battery temperature during charging had became too hot to the point of worrying. So I needed a new backup battery with built-in lightning cable, ideally something that also uses lightning cable to charge so I don’t need to carry micro-USB cable anymore.

After a bit of searching, my choice went to Mophie PowerStation Plus with integrated Lightning cable. Mophie is a well known brand producing quality product. This particular variant of their PowerStation product is available exclusively from Apple Store, so we will not be able to find it somewhere else.

On opening the box, I was quite impressed with the build quality of Mophie PowerStation Plus 6000 with Lightning connector. It feels solid, not too heavy (173 gr) and the size is just slightly bigger than an iPhone 7. The fabric material that they use for the battery surface feels extremely nice. Built-in cable has the right length (around 10 cm) and the lightning tip is not as bulky as the tip on my old Plox batteries, making it compatible with ALL cases that I have.

We charge this battery using lightning cable. Micro-USB cable is no longer needed, this is especially convenient for iPhone users. 4 tiny LED to indicate remaining power is nicely positioned next to a small button to trigger it. There is a standard-sized USB port that we can use to charge another device.

Very happy with this purchase. I might get another colour of this great product if I feel like it.