I have used first generation Apple Pencil since it was only compatible with iPad Pro. When I swapped my iPad Pro for an iPad mini (5th generation), I decided to keep the Apple Pencil because I have started the habit of note-taking using iPad.

First generation Apple Pencil is a great stylus. It does the work well and the design is very typical Apple: sleek and (overly) minimalist. While I love the smooth design, not having on/off button means I often had empty battery when I needed to write. Another issue is the round design. It looks beautiful, but I cannot help but worrying that it will roll over my table, causing me to constantly looking after it.

Next issue I have with Apple Pencil (1st gen) is the charging method. I find it extremely silly to let it dangling on my iPad when charging. Whoever in Apple thought it was a good idea might had the inspiration when drunk. To charge this stylus with charging cable, we need to use the lightning minus to minus adapter, which is another tiny item that I need to keep an eye on. The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil that I bought solved most of these problems, in theory, but it creates a new one: having to carry the case defeats the idea of practicality. One would not like the idea of having to carry a box when they need to use their ballpoint. It is the same with digital stylus. All these minor inconvenience adds up, and I subconsciously avoided to bring this Apple Pencil when I was on the go.

Of course, second generation Apple Pencil solves most of these, but with one big caveat: it requires me to get a new (compatible) iPad. For now, I am super happy with the form factor of my iPad mini, so I will not use the second generation stylus anytime soon.

Then I read about Logitech Crayon. It is a third party product that is compatible with all iPads compatible with first generation Apple Pencil, but it does not have pressure sensitivity feature. Instead of round design, it uses rounded square design. Still comfortable to hold and will not roll over my desk, I can put it down without any worry. It has on/off button, so I know that it will have battery next time I need it. Best of all, I can charge it directly using my lightning cable. No adapter needed.

At the beginning, I was worried that I am going to miss the pressure sensitivity that Apple Pencil has. Apparently I do not even need to worry about this because I do not use Apple Pencil for anything art-related. I simply need something for note-taking and that is all. For note-taking, there is no difference at all. In fact, I find myself writing slightly faster with Logitech Crayon form factor. Not as pretty, but definitely more efficient.

Another nice surprise that I realised after buying Logitech Crayon is the fact that it uses exactly the same tip as Apple Pencil first generation. I can use the spare tips that I bought for my Apple Pencil because they are identical.

Apart from the slightly silly name, I like everything about this stylus. Even the orange bits look nice. Very happy with this purchase. Will use Logitech Crayon to completely replace my first generation Apple Pencil for the foreseeable future.