Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand is a wireless charger designed to hold our phones on a comfortable standing angle when charging. This allows FaceID to work without much effort to lift the phone every time I need to peek on a notification while it is charging on my desk.

I really liked my Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ wireless charger to the point that it became difficult for me to find another charger with same build quality, but with built-in stand. With very limited number of brands to begin with, I am glad I found this wireless charger from Anker.

As expected from Anker, the PowerWave 7.5 Stand is a product with solid build quality. It has internal cooling fan at the base, advertised as feature to prevent overheating and slowdown. Some reviews mentioned that the fan is a bit noisy. I have not noticed the sound through my 2+ months of usage. I can hear fan noise when I lift the charger near my ear, but not when it’s on my desk. Perhaps that is because I am using this charger on my desk at work.

Charging is quite straightforward and almost always works at the first try. Thanks to its stand design, I do not need to worry about positioning my phone correctly.

Even though Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand is considered expensive for a wireless charger, it includes a QuickCharge 3.0 wall charger and Anker genuine micro-USB cable. These 2 included items would already cost fair bit of money if purchased separately. So I guess the price becomes more acceptable when I tried to deduct the market price of the included accessories. Too bad I can’t really use the included wall charger because it only comes in US plug.

I am more than happy to recommend this charger to anyone who needs a wireless charger in standing form factor. Solid build, nice design, useful cooling fan and charges reasonably fast.